That’s it, I’ve done it.  I’ve added another time sink to a rather busy schedule.  *sigh*

I have two very simple objectives for this endeavor:

First – As a repository for the day-to-day tedium that I face as a jack-of-all-trades networker.  Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and sometimes I forget things.  It’ll be nice to have somewhere I can come and rediscover issues that might resurface on occasion. It should be entertaining when I Google something and my own blog post comes up and I don’t recognize it.

Second – I want my CCIE, dammit.  I’ve long been of the opinion that it was out of reach.  I didn’t feel I had the time or the energy to put into it (or the finances) and I’ve been content slowly studying here and there towards whatever certification seemed to be the most interesting at the time. Because I’m not really able to focus on one discipline (more on that in another post) I have a bit of ADD when it comes to networking and technology.  I’ll spend a week on a particular problem and decide that is where I want to focus my professional development.  For various reasons (also to be highlighted in another post, I have to stretch the limited content!) I’ve decided to stick with the fundamentals for now, and focus all effort on the CCIE R&S track.  This blog will serve as a study tool as I progress and take notes and blog about whatever it is I may have learned that day.  I’ve seen it done and heard it recommended as a great way to ensure learning retention, so I’ll try it out.

Most of what I post here will be for me, but perhaps I’ll work may way into the blogosphere a little at a time and gain some exposure for my random ramblings and incoherent jabber.

The good news is nobody can make fun of how I say ‘roof’ or ‘about’ in a blog, eh.

Why doesn’t anyone bug Greg Ferro over at for saying ‘rooter’?